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Game & Software Development with Quality.

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Game Development

Our passion is to create games! We develop games for any kind of platform. From mobile to PC, Consoles, AR, VR, MR. You name it, we have the experience on it!

Software Development

By essence, a game developer is a software developer, we can also develop any kind of solution our clients may need. From smartphone applications, to software and web applications.

Educational, Training and Coaching

Teach and learn with immersion and fun! We can bring your idea to life by developing it in whatever platform you envision! From mobile, to PC software and even Virtual Reality applications.


Our experienced Game Design team can gamify whatever you need! A good project can only improve by adding game design concepts to it. It will also become a lot more fun!

Creative Consultants

Our creative team has a vast experience in bringing ideas to life, and with more than 20 years of experience combined behind this creative force, we can help you achieve your goals!

Porting Services

With the help of our team's technical expertise you can take your game to the next platform. Count on our know-how to make any adaptations required, code-wise or design wise.


Founded in 2012 by experienced game developers, Overtime Studios holds within its essence that a game can be more than a piece of entertainment.


To create meaningful experiences through games and interactivity.


To be a powerhouse. To show the world how the game industry can be a sustainable ecosystem business without renouncing its artistic, human side.

Core Values

Passion for creating games and experiences.

Commitment to High Standards and Quality.

A team that is more than coworkers, brothers in arms.

Honor, justice and quality of life for everyone.

One step at a time with eyes towards the future.



Game Designer, with over 10 years of professional experience in game development, Thomas Semim Leme have worked on massive and successful games in some of the most high caliber developers in Brazil.

Thomas' main focus and areas of expertise within GD are System Design, Level Design, Economy Design and Gamification to general contexts.


Programmer, with over 9 years of experience in game development, José João "Jota" de Oliveira Júnior started developing educational games and moved on to entertainment games.

Game core programmer and passionate about AI, worked for several studios like Flux Game Studio, Dreams On Demand, Skullfish Studios among others.


A Full Stack software developer who's worked in a variety of projects since 2009, Eduardo Zanni's experience ranges from mission-critical distributed backend telecomunication applications with millions of end users to retail software and, most recently, games.


Everyday situations, some of our secret projects and behind the scenes!

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Creepy Buster

Creepy Buster is a free to play mobile endless action game where players must bust hordes of aliens while avoiding them using the tip of their fingers.

Sushi Bomb

Sushi Bomb is a puzzle game where players must use bombs to toss Sushis into ship’s chests with the least movements possible.

Play now!

Rush Out

Rush out is a free to play time attack casual game where players must run and avoid chickens to beat a time score while collecting eggs to unlock new skins and enemies.


Restorama is a digital board/card game where players must manage a restaurant by building, gain audiences and maintaining an ongoing marketing with cards to become a famous restaurant.

Play Now!


Alívio (“Relief”) is an educational digital board game with questions and answers based on Chronic pain to help medicine students and enthusiast to learn more regarding the subject.

Word Hunter Deluxe

The most gorgeous and fun word search puzzle game is here! A beautiful and intuitive interface with an amazing artstyle will keep you pumped as you challenge yourself in this awesome word search for FREE!